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tax free


Q1. Could GMT send the product to overseas?
A1. Sorry that we do not ship our product to overseas.
Q2. What should I bring to have tax refunded?
A2. You just need to bring your passport
Q3. Except tax-free, are there any other discount services that I can get?
A3. Sorry, we do not provide any other discount.
Q4. How long will the store keep the watch for me?
A4. One day.
Q5. How long will it take to order a watch?
A5. It depends on what product you wish to purchase. Normally it will takes more than 1week.
Q6. Can I also apply a GMT point card?
A6. Yes, but make sure that you will have chance to use it in 2 years, or your points it will be expired.
Q7. How much will it cost to adjust the watch band?
A7. If you bought your watch at GMT, is for free.

Acceptable Credit Cards

We accept all kinds of credit cards.

English Speaking Service

If you don’t understand Japanese, our English speaking staff will help you during your shopping.(only on weekdays)

Used product condition

Check all the watches carefully.

When purchase a used product, people always worried about its "condition". At GMT, we will always check very carefully before hand it in to customer. We will send the watch to our reliable and professional contracted repairing company for overhaul. (For more details, please check out the "Process of Professional Maintenance")

Process of Professional Maintenance

Perfect warranty with easy purchase price.

For used Rolex watch (1990~), we provide 3 years warranty. If you purchase over 100,000 JPY for one watch, is 1 year warranty, if is under 100,000 JPY, will come with 6 months warranty. You can also buy our "Extra Warranty", so you will no need to worry about drop your watch or break it accidentally.


When you write an inquiry e-mail to us, please also let us know the product's code, it will be much faster for us to reply you. Thank you.


Open throughout the year.
* Except New Year's Day (1/1)
Open Time: 11:30am~7:00pm
* Trading and Consignment Sale's will close at 7:00pm

GMT Syuppin Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Branshe Bldg 12-5, Nishishinjyuku, 1-chome Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023 Japan
*Same building with"Map Camera" Main Store.


From Odakyu Line's West exit or Keio Line's West Exit.

When you come out from the ticket barrier, you are still at the underground of the station, please take the escalator on your left-hand side and go up. You will soon see the main exit of the west side of the Shinjyuku station.

When you walk out from the West Exit, please keep walking to the left.

Walk alone with the Keio Department Store, you will see a crosswalk on your right side.
(On the other side, you will see YODOBASHI's mobile shop at the corner and many coin lockers)

Cross the crosswalk and turn left then go straight, you will see a Red signboard of "Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank",(三菱東京UFJ銀行) turn right at that corner.

From JR's South exit

When you come out from JR's south exit, please turn right.

You will see a big crosswalk, cross it and turn right.

Keep going you will see a red signboard of "Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank" (三菱東京UFJ銀行), then turn left on the corner.

Keep on walking, you will see our signboard "Map Camera" and "GMT" on your right-hand side.







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