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Just like cars and motorcycles, mechanical watches also need to be checked regularly.
If there is any mistakes that happen to overhaul, it will mess the watch up.
This is why GMT choose the best craftsman and equipments to check our watches. 。


Polishing is one of the important steps during repairing process. Without experiences, the only way to polish the watch case, is to scrub the case and make it thinner. However, this will damage the watch as well. At GMT, we use special polishing service to polish every watch. This will not make the watch case thinner, but make it looks like new ones.

Casing, Examining

At GMT, the repairing process will not be done by doing only overhaul. After casing the watch, we will try the movement many times with different angles. Waterproof testing, Precision testing, etc. will also be checked. And the watch will send back to GMT in a perfect condition.

Normally we cannot see the process of overhaul, but we will show you some parts of the overhaul here with pictures.

First, to measure the precision, and then demagnetize.

To open the back cover of a watch, a special equipment is required.
Even the movement of the watch looks perfect from the outside, but sometimes the oil might stuck from the inside and damage the watch.

Gently remove the parts one at a time.

We also use hands to remove stains, not just put in to the washing machine and separated parts to put in the plate.

Wash it many times with different cleaning solutions in the overhaul machine. Until it dries, this machine plays an important role.

To assembling, not only assemble the pieces, but also measure the precision.

Not just the surface, but also wash them separately.

We use profeesional machine to clean up the parts, and also the hairline by manual work.

Not only on the overhaul, but also put a lot of efforts on the appearance. It all depends on the techniques of the workers. Others are confidentiality.

When put ink in the bezel, you can also ask the original maker for exchange the bezel, you can sale for higher price.

Attach the bezel and the glass.

Attach the hands on the plate perfectly, vacuum all the fine dust on the case with vacuum machine.

Not only put all the parts together, but also testing for water proof.

Test for the strength of the watches' winds but using this Ferris wheels.

Test and check in detalis by every steps, then we will put it in our showcase.







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